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Stay at Home – Design Home #AUTOPOIETICS

Have you ever dreamed of your very own home online first and then making it happen offline?

Create your own stylish dinning room or/and a cosy deluxe kitchen or/and a luxurious bedroom or/and

anything you are dreaming of with Design Home #designhome

Get inspired by the interior design, that won prizes in the Design Home competitions. Browse via images to discover interactive open access content!

Stay at Home – Design Home #AUTOPOIETICS #designhome #beinspired #share

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About DESIGN HOME #designhome

Design Home is a renovation app, that allows you to design many different types of homes. The houses, that you will find in offer are the estate property market finest with the customized home interior design items and branded furniture.

Designing home is a pure pleasure when using DESIGN HOME app. The challenges are just one type of an inspiring motivation for creating unique surroundings with that special touch of your own branded mark.

JOIN IN – DESIGN HOME, your home


– stay at home #staysafe #stayhome #designhome

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